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After more than 7 years of training and coaching some of the top sales people in the world in companies like Amazon, Samsung, Vodafone, etc. on how to make millions in sales and profits, Oliver founded the Get More Academy. Where he decided that it is time to show you the unique systems how to grow your business and live the life you deserve. Within his S.E.L.L. formula he has various systems that are easily adaptable for every business from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies on how to get new customers, grow profits with existing clients and make them your fans forever. Most of his systems can be fully automated to get you the time for the important things in your business and personal life.


  • You have the right methods and systems for your business to attract more customers.
  • You increase the profit with your existing customers.
  • You use professional, personalized and automated follow-up systems.
  • You have outstanding customer service and the right customer loyalty program.
  • You have huge parts of your business automated.
  • You, your business and your sales team are organized and structured so that you enjoy more free time.
  • You use offline and online strategies (suitable for your business).
  • Your sales strategies, processes and skills are at the best possible level.

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There are different ways to work together. You choose yourself what is the best format for you. We provide offline and online services like specialty classes, one-on-one coaching, webinars and we organize our own events. It does not matter if you are a company with a lot of employees or a one-(wo)man-show, we find the right format for you to succeed. We care about results! No matter what format you choose, you can be sure that you will have more clients and increased profits with existing clients. You will have a better structured and well organized work life and therefore more time for the things you are really into.

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Engin Sari Engin Sari, Freelance IT Sales Specialist

I had the opportunity to experience both a multi-day training in the group, as well as individual coaching at Oliver Meier. What can be extrapolated in individual coaching is unbelievable. The different points were individually adjusted to me and have accelerated the learning process immensely. I can say with a clear conscience that the coaching has brought me a big step forward and has further increased my sales. Many Thanks.

Jens Bergerhoff Jens Bergerhoff, Director of Direct Sales B2C, Vodafone GmbH

For many years, we have been working together with Oliver Meier as a product and sales trainer as well as a coach. His high practical advantage is a regular basis for us. Mr. Meier is constantly reviving our training measures against us and our sales partners through his new ideas and methods for the transfer of knowledge so that the employees and sales partners are well-positioned and successful in their areas of work. We value Mr Meier's loyal, friendly and reliable behavior towards us and our sales partners.

Marco Feuchter Marco Feuchter, Senior Associate, Hofer Experts GmbH

On behalf of all participants, I would like to thank you for the exciting workshop. On the one hand such days as a team bring us closer together and on the other hand we learn to leave our usual ways and try new things, through coaches like you. That another way of addressing can also lead to other reactions, I have already noted.

Angela P. Gordon Angela P. Gordon, Entrepreneur and Clarity Coach

Had a great goal call with Oliver Meier this morning. Thank you for setting up these calls I even finished the call with 2 additional tasks and some good advice too. Thank you Oliver appreciate having organised accountability. Here's to a mega productive week!