Marketing And Sales Automation

"The art is to find the balance between automation and personal contact"

How much time would you save if you could automate parts of your communication, sales and marketing?

A lot can be automated today with little effort. Often small businesses and entrepreneurs think that it is very expensive to take this step, but this is not so. Marketing automation, automation of company processes and a suitable CRM system are a successful combination, which offer an immense added value at low cost. It is always important to us that humanity is maintained.


    Lead Conversion
    Sales Process
    Booking of Appointments
    Sales Management
    Customer Service
    Event Management

    In the daily business routine, little things that we have to work through steal a lot of time. Today it is very easy and cost-effective to automate various tasks in sales and marketing and at the same time to interact personally and individually with customers and potential customers. The advantages are obvious:

    Nothing slips through, you gain a lot of time and are more efficient. 

    Fast and sustainable tracking of leads
    Turn prospects into customers. Completely automatic
    Overview and structure in the sales process
    Standardized implementation in teams
    Customer Service
    Professional events automated


    CRM – All customer information available on all your devices
    Email Marketing – Less work, better results
    Messages – SMS, Email, etc. processed faster
    Appointments – Your clients book their own dates based on your availability. No more email ping-pong
    Pipeline – Perfect overview to always have your sales process in view
    Marketing Automation – Emails and other marketing actions automatically triggered by the reactions of your customers
    Offers – Send offers, which your customer can accept with one click
    Invoices and payments – Send invoices that your customer can pay with one click
    Reporting – Always in view what works well and what needs to be optimized.



    25 things every small entrepreneurs should automate

    25 things that every entrepreneur should automate in order to remain competitive!

    Download this short guide to learn what you can automate and how to do it!


    We have been working with Mr. Oliver Meier for a long time. At first we wanted to improve our sales department, develop new customers and further business areas. After intensive cooperation we were able to increase our efficiency thanks to his support and in the next step we were able to integrate a CRM system including possibilities for the automation of our internal processes and our marketing. Mr. Meier not only sees the immediate need, but also provides support in points that are not obvious to us at first glance. I am very grateful to him for this. We look forward to continuing to work together successfully in the future and will gladly recommend him to others. He's the man!

    Kerry Reddington

    CEO, reddington services GmbH, Germany

    Today I took part in a seminar with Nadia and Oliver. It was about brand growth. They have enormous experience in marketing and sales, which they share in a very concrete way. So that everyone can apply it equally to their business. Anyone who needs a complete sales and marketing strategy is in the right place

    Naseem Quraishi Larsson

    CEO, QL Filmdevelopment, Sweden